Thursday, March 25, 2010


My first real blog is going to be about the Trampoline!!! Steve and I had very mixed feelings about the trampoline. Should we buy one or not?!?!  They are dangerous, look trashy, etc...Well after about a year or so of discussion we decided to start looking for one. We started by looking on craigslist and found several.
Out of the blue a family we know called us and asked if we wanted their trampoline. They only have one child and she doesn't use it anymore and it made their insurance go up! We said SURE!!! We loaded it up in a trailer, cleaned it up, waxed it with Once a Year car polish to get all the black residue off and the children have been on it just about every day since!!!
Steve and I get on it too once in awhile and have a good time. So now when people ask me what I think about the trampoline, I say that I think every child needs a trampoline! Yes, they are dangerous...but so is everything else. Yes, they are trashy looking...but who really cares! Let’s get JUMPING!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Welcome to the Blog of The Bailey Family. I have been wanting to set up a blog for friends and family to keep up with us and see what is happening in our lives. Thanks for looking and check back often for new posts and pictures!