Where does time go? My beautiful baby girl is 15! I guess the whole year of 14 just blew by way to fast! She is be 16 before I know it! This year she got her learners permit to drive. She has been working on that and doing very well, if I do say so myself. 

Moriah is a gracious, loving, and oh so helpful! She takes it upon herself to cook for me every once in awhile...wish is NICE...VERY NICE! :) She loves children, but is also firm with them, she gets that from her mama! 

She likes playing volleyball too! She wants to either run a half marathon or race in a triathlon while she is 16! That will be a fun mama/daughter thing to do, maybe even a start of a tradition! 

Here is a recent picture of Moriah with her amazing & handsome papa! Isn't she a beautiful lady????

For Moriah's 15th Birthday we took her and her BFF Holly to The Cheesecake Factory. Then we went for an unsuccessful cowboy boot shopping trip! She did get some eventually though!

 Moriah and her cousin Crystal! This was taken during Christmas 2011! Such pretty girls!  :)

Well, we have a teen-ager!!! Moriah turned 13 on the 27th of November. Since it was right at Thanksgiving, we just had a family party. Steve and I got her a yellow citrine ring. It is her promise ring...we made a covenant to each other, for her to remain pure in body, soul, and spirit as she enters her teenage years, for us to continue to be there for her, to train her and raise her to be a godly young lady. She is a wonderful girl and a blessing to all of us.  She has grown quite a bit this summer as well. She is every bit of 5' 8"!!! She continues to do well in school. She is in 7th grade this year and is very smart! God has truly blessed us with her!


Moriah is our first-born. She is now 12 years old and a joy to be with. She is quickly going from being our daughter to being a friend. Last weekend we spent the day together learning about the Revolutionary War and then Sharp-shooting. She loves to sew, read, and play outdoors. She has the most modest heart of any young girl I know. She is in the 6th grade and knows more about the english language than I do!!! She is planning on going to nursing school and becoming a nurse when she finishes high-school. Well that is a little about Moriah….