Isaac turned 12 in February.  He is getting to be a little man/boy for sure. He has started his 4th season in baseball. This is his last year in Dixie Youth! He has had a good season so far and I think they are 8/2. He also gets to go to work with Steve more now that he is done with school. He just finished up his 6th grade year and did wonderfully. He is very smart and academic. His penmanship is amazing! ( He gets that from Steve's side of the family)  He is also very good at math, reading, and science. Actually he LOVES about any given time you will find him somewhere reading a book. He has been reading the Redwall books and loves them. Saturday he got to "babysit" a 85+ year old man. He loved it! He just basically had to keep an eye on him and fix him something to eat. He took him on golf cart rides and talked. They had a great time together! I am so proud of the man he is growing into!

The pitch...You can actually see the ball, it is in front of the light post.

He hit a single that time!!! He can run pretty fast!

In the dug-out getting ready to head back out to the field! Love that kid!!!

Isaac has started 3rd season of Dixie Youth Baseball. He is on the 11/12 year old team, and I think it is a good team this year. He likes it, but doesn't always pay the best attention! He is playing out-field again this year for the most part. He is best at running!!! =)


Isaac is our 11 year old son. He loves to draw and plays piano exceptionally well. He is also on his 3rd season of Dixie Youth Baseball!!! I love watching those little men out there in their uniforms is an ALL AMERICAN sport and quite amusing. He is quite a sensitive little fellow, and talks a lot!  =)  He is in the 5th grade and his favorite subject is math. He wants to pilot remote bomber airplanes when he grows up...THAT is quite ambitious actually!  One of his favorite past times is reading...he can read a good sized chapter book in a day or two! He loves Calvin and Hobbes, and thinks he should try some of Calvin's stunts once in awhile! Well, that is Ike....