Thursday, August 1, 2013


I honestly think my life has been changed forever...

Homemade Goatmilk Soap!

A friend of mine makes soap and sells it. I asked her to show me how, and she did! WOW! She also excplained how the chemical process of the fats and lye work to make amazing good for your skin soap.

First I want to mention my history with home made soap. I was raised in an Amish community. I loved it, and still do! There are a couple of negatives about living in Amishville...Outhouses, body odor, and stinky, nasty, no suds home made lye soap! Little did I know that it matters what fats you use, fragrances can be added, and it is actually GOOD for your skin. I learned that in the chemical process, glycerin is formed. In commercial soap it is removed and added to lotions, etc...But in homemade soap it remains. Cool Huh?!?!? It moisturizes your skin so nice! Plus, depending on the oil you use, you can have a nice smooth thick lather! It cleans well and smells GOOD!

So...Moriah and I tried it! It is lovely! I used palm, coconut, and olive oil as my fats. I used goat milk as the base, fragrance, and lye. For 1/2 the batch I also added coffee for a little added exfoliation! One batch made enough for months...

So, I learned my lesson! :) And I can't wait to make another batch!

Day 5-6-7!

So, I got busy and my days got jumbled together! :) Imagine that!

So basicly every day I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast.

Salad or the like for lunch, and meat and veggies for supper. No grains, sugars, rice, pasta, etc..

After a week I didn't feel any different, but I could tell I was digesting things differently.

This was a very gentle "running to the bathroom" moments, etc..It was so nice, that I would like to do it twice a year, as maintenance! Couldn't hurt right???

Anyway...that was my journey!