~Multitudes on Monday~

~1,000 Blessings, Things I Love, and Gifts~

400. Park on a 70 degree May afternoon.
399. Spending every morning w/ my Mom, milking the cow.
398. Summertime
397. Wind
396. Reconciling.
395. Hearing Isaac sing.
394. Helping Granny plant her garden.
393. A beautiful spring in Middle TN.
392. Honeysuckles.
391. Roses
390. Biking with a friend for HER long run.
389. 54 degree mornings in August.
388. 2 new little milk cow heifers! Sweetness!
387. New running shoes! (That might be on here before, but I am so thankful every time I get a new pair!)
386. The excitement of a new school year.
385. Birthday parties, Baby showers, and weddings! :) 
384. Once again, and never often enough, I am thankful for the 5 children God has lent to us!
383. Summer Reading Program
382. A new muffin recipe...pumpkin streusel w/ chocolate chips!
381. Jacob's funny little jokes. 
380. When chores get done without asking.
379. Meteor Shower watching with the children...FUN!
378. A new smoker...and some amazing smoked chicken/pork that Steve has mastered! 
377. Being able and willing to watch and care for all my many nieces and nephews. 
376. COMPANY!!! We had bunches of out-of-town company during the month of July. 
375. A new running shirt, ON SALE, for cooler weather.
        (which can NOT get here fast enough)   :-)  
374. Magnum Ice Cream Bars. MUST. TRY. THEM. 
373. Watching Jacob get up in church and read scripture. Melts my heart!
372. An amazing church service with 8-10 salvation testimonies. \0/
371. VBS for my children.
370. That Steve encourages me so much after a bad long run.
369. Trader Joe's, I just love that store.
368. Another Father's Day with my Daddy.
367. Clothes shopping with and for my children w/ success.
366. Bacon Chedder Brats from Iowa!
365. BLT's! YUMMY!
364. That God cares about the details of my life.
363. An ice cream social...with lots of toppings!  
362. Celebrating a milestone with Steve, Happy 5-0!!!
361. 50 degree nights in June!
360. Running 13.6 miles in just over 2 hours w/ my Honey! 
359. The blessing of watching an elderly gentleman for the day! Love Daddy Bill!
358. Pumpkin Cinn. Rolls with some LOVELY ladies!
357. Jacob had an awesome 1st baseball season!
356. That my children get to go to work w/ their daddy.
355. The first sun crisp feeling of the year.
354. My sister and her family got to spend a couple days.
353. I am thankful for the Military men and women who sacrifice to much! 
352. An old picture that makes you laugh.
351. Fresh Basil

350. A soaking rain all night!
349. "Happy Mother's Day, you are the best" from my 5 children.
348. Visiting the Morgan farm after too many years.
347. Baked Oatmeal w/ fresh whipped cream
346. Handsome little nephews...I have a bunch!
345. Playing mini-golf with Steve...so much fun!
344. Watching a friend graduate from college!
343. Sticky Rice...you just can't beat it!  :)
342. Seeing the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC...bucket list-check!
341. Going on a week vacation with the love of my life!
340. My first 1/2 marathon! I didn't beat my "set" time, but I finished...along with 22,000 others!
339. 16 years of wedded bliss to an amazing man.
338. The smell of honeysuckles while walking.
337. Having my brother and his family here from SE ASIA!
336. Seeing Jacob and Wyatt get so excited for baseball! They are so cute!
335. A new embroidery machine, that I saved up for!
334. New running clothes for my girlies! 
333. CHACO season! Love my sandals!  :)  
332. A new swimsuit! 
331. The joy in knowing that my Savior has conquered death and is alive!
330. Fresh Strawberries.
329. Hummus! 
328. Watching my brother play flag football with all the nephews! 
327. Fabric Stores.  :) 
326. Planting our garden! 
325. Teaching my little niece and nephew English as my children learn Lao!
324. Our 1st hot dog roast of the summer. 
323. Getting to watch the 4 Slayman children for a week as a blessing to my bro. and SIL!!!
322. Nanda Devi walking all over! So cute!
321. Hearing Jacob get up in front of church and read a Bible passage.
320. Sour gummy bears from Cane Creek Market.
319. The support of my amazing husband and friend!
318. IHop breakfast!
317. Running a race with my BFF Deb, and beating my PR!
316. Hearing Sequoia (3) say to Chadwick (2) "we're married now" :)
315. Getting to spend a few days with my Slayman girls.
314. Spending time with just my boys on a shopping day.
313. Listening to my boys pray w/ their daddy.
312. Laughing with Steve over silly little things.
311. My little niece turning 1!
310. Coconut Sticky Rice w/ Mango.
309. Mandarin Oranges, fresh not canned...they are amazing!
308. Reese's Pieces.
307. Being allowed to vote.
306. A good sermon on wisdom.
305. A Civil War Reenactment in Erin, TN!
304. A clean kitchen.
303. A weekend with nothing planned...aw...relax!  :)
302. Nice smelling shampoo.
301. Homemade fresh French Baguettes.
300. Lovely 70 degree weather in February.
299. Having friends over for supper for the 1st time.
298. Playing Ultimate Frisbee and football with church family.
297. Running 8 miles w/ my honey w/o walking.
296. Starting a new series at church...the book of James.
295. Catching up on all the laundry.
294. A new running skirt for Moriah, for 4 dollars at Goodwill!  SCORE!  :)
293. Going on  mini-date with my handsome 8 yr. old.
292. Church skating event....GOOD TIMES!
291. Celebrating Isaac and Jacob's birthdays! 8 and 13....unbelievable!
290. The joy that Moriah gets when figuring out how to do square roots.
289. Being able to talk to God directly...AMAZING!
288. Encouraging and just listening to a family member going through a valley.
287. Homemade spaghetti that turned out pretty decent for the 1st time.
286. NCIS!
285. Watching the children play charades.
284. A new PINK hoodie, that I got on sale from LL Bean.
283. Oranges...don't you just love a good juicy orange???
282. Singing Hymns...real hymns with awesome meanings!
281. Being able to sit by the wood stove on cold mornings, and drink coffee.
280. New Puppies.
279. Finishing another Nicolas Sparks book. :)
278. Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo...that I didn't make!
277. Making valentine's day surprises for my children.
276. I really enjoy helping a friend when in need.
275. Amazingly grilled steaks in the middle of winter.
274. Learning to love running.
273. Going to the science museum with the children.
272. Jello Jigglers.
271. Being thought of on your birthday!
270. Special K Bars! :) 
269. 21 cousins under 14 exchanging gifts!
268. Spinach casserole...so good!
267. Snowman socks!
266. Fun "dirty Christmas" gift swaps!
265. Reading "The Christmas Box" series by Richard Paul Evans.
264. The chocolate fountain.
263. Ringing in the New Year with good friends.
262. That my Daddy turned 65.
261. Christmas cards with pictures.
260. Christmas lights!
259. Infisino's pizza!
258. 3 parties in a week to see all of our "up north" family.
257. The joy of my thankful children as they open presents.
256. Going to Wisconsin for Christmas.
255. My skinny boys running around in their tighty whities!  :) 
254. Sourdough bread/dinner rolls.
253. Fluffy down comforters.
252. Getting out winter clothes and remembering new ones you bought last year.
251. The wonderful smell of homemade soy candles.
250. Baby showers!  :)
249. My daughter baking cookies for her 1st cookie swap.
248. That God is merciful and faithful even when we aren't too smart.
247. Impromptu date with my honey...AWESOMENESS!
246. Watching the children put up the Christmas tree.
245. Christmas Shopping.
244. The season of pumpkin pie.
243. Finishing both our bathroom projects.
242. Steve's family being here for Thanksgiving.
241. Remembering to be thankful EVERYDAY, for the little things.
240. A FUN surprise 50th birthday party. A themed party too!
239. All 3 of us beating our personal goals!
238. Getting to run in another race with my Shiloh!
237. Watching Nanda Devi in her jump-up. So funny! 
236. 67 degree temp. in mid-November.
235. Shopping at Home Depot for items to finish our bathrooms!
234. Seeing little baby Collin.
233. Our dog Snickers!
232. Watching the CMA Awards.
231. The love Steve has for our children.
230. That all my children can read, and read well.
229. Pumpkin Pie.
228. Prayers Answered.
227. Chocolate Milk!
226. Canned applesauce for the winter.
225. The anticipation of the Holidays!
224. Heart to heart time with my girlfriends, until 2 in the morning!
223. Learning how to be a better wife to the man God gave me.
222. The smell of wood smoke and burning leaves....Fall!  :)
221. A bon-fire with friends...a HUGE bonfire!
220. Seeing Steve come in 3rd in his age group...so proud of him!
219. Beating my personal record at a race, 28.05 for a 5K!
218. Getting excited about running with the WHOLE family.
217. Cinnamon Raisin Scones! YUMMY!!!!
216. Fresh apple cider.
215. Laughing SO hard at my Daddy spilling coffee on himself, while I was driving! Good Memories!
214. Spending the morning with my Daddy!
213. Running 1 mile in 8.24!!! Pretty good for an "old" lady!  he he he
212. Celebrating Kai's 1st birthday.
211. Homemade shrimp scampi.
210. Coming home to a clean house thanks to my right hand daughter! THANKS MORIAH!
209. New socks.
208.  Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream.
207. A new "run around" car, that we paid CASH for! woo hoo 30 mpg!!!
206. Steve bringing chocolate home for me.  *heart*
205. Finding a book I wanted at Goodwill for 1.99.
204. Getting to watch my niece and nephews...Pure Joy!
203. Hot apple cider.
202. Hayrides with the family on a cool Autumn evening.
201. Running with my sister.
200. Chores being voluntarily done...YEY!
199. Soft Kleenex!
198. Blue Jeans...the best clothing invented! 
197. Fresh Hot Cookies.
196. A good report from the piano teacher.
195. Yogurt w/ apples and caramel.
194. Feeling the love for my husband grow as I learn to respect him in all areas.
193. Watching Moriah knit hats.
192. Chocolate covered coffee beans.
191. Supporting a great cause like TN Right to Life!
190. A good report on Jacob's breathing.
189. One on One time with one of my children...always a special time.
188. Hot Wings!
187. Moriah getting to spend the day with her friends, riding horses, eating out, etc...
186. The thought of running a race with Steve...yep, he started running again! 
185. Getting a phone call from an old friend congratulating me on my run...Thanks Summer!
184. Pina Colada Cheesecake.
183. Celebrating 11years of life for my Shiloh.
182. Watching Shiloh win 1st place in her age group.
182. Running in my 1st 5K with Shiloh in record time! 31.28 BABY!!!!
181. Getting to be involved in my "nephew and niece's" lives
180. Watching Shiloh and Jacob wrestle on the floor and talk about what they like about each other.
179. That I am getting to where I actually enjoy running...never thought it would happen! (there is hope ladies)
178. New running clothes (and they were on SALE)
177. A husband who is patient with me.
176. A 2.5 mile walk-n-talk with one of my besties. (She is also my cousin!)
175. The excitement of the "young ladies" becoming "Mommies."
174. Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting.
173. Watching in amazement as Kai sits with my Dad with contentment.
172. Hearing Sequoia mimic the rooster.
171. Learning how to love Steve better.
170. Going out to eat with Steve and eating over 40 shrimp.
169. Spending time with my cousin Chris, and his amazing family.
168. Watching the Blue Angels dominate the Memphis sky.
167. Raspberries in my kefir smoothie.
166. Sitting around the camp-fire on these lovely Autumn evenings.
165. Remembering all the lives lost on a tragic day 10 years ago.
164. The excitement Isaac gets about making a birthday present for a friend.
163. Talking until LATE w/ my husband about things that matter.
162. Bringing cinnamon rolls to a friend...or two!
161. Jacob saying "Mom, Granny and Pops need me over there."
160. 58 degree running mornings.
159. A 2 day civil war symposium w/ the children.
158. Buffalo Hot Wing Pretzels!
157. Having an amazing running partner! Thanks Shiloh...  =) 
156. Hearing the Stoll family (minus Renee) sing in church.
155. Watching the children enjoy bowling so very much.
154. Homemade peach jam
153. The mountains AND valleys Steve and I  go through.
152. Camping with the family.
151. Cane Creek Market
150. That my parents get to celebrate another year together! #42!!!
149. Homemade yogurt and granola...AMAZING!
148. The anticipation of Autumn!
147. Getting to watch 2 "little people" that I love so much.
146. Fresh apple crisp that Isaac made.
145. A weekend spent with my sister-in-law at her 2nd triathlon.
144. A clean van.
143. That Moriah is now taller than I am.
142. Hair treatments at the creek w/ my girls!
141. The best "made from scratch" chocolate cake that my mom made!
140. Lying in the hammock.
139. First Day of school.
138. Chocolate pudding.
137. Fresh grilled catfish.
136. Spending the day at Shiloh Battlefield.
135. Going to Bethany's BFF's birthday party.
134. Hearing another good report on my Daddy's health.
133. Watching my 7 year old son, Jacob, vacuum b/c that's his chore this week.
132. Chocolate Milk!
131. The excitement and anticipation of starting school.
130. Yummy Peach Cobbler that Shiloh made!
129. Going to Nashville with Steve, getting some things we've needed, and spending time together!
128. When Isaac plans and cooks a meal.
127. The Doctors and Teamwork of Vanderbilt Pediatric Hospital!
126. The relief of finally getting the BB out of Jacob's ear.
125. Chocolate Spice Muffins.
124. A baby shower for a friend!
123. The library finale with a fire truck to SOAK the children.
122. The children roasting marshmallows with their cousin.
121. Children that get excited about having Pop-Tarts for a snack! (It's rare)
120. Going on a field trip and learning about history.
119. Having family visit from out of state.
118. Reading my favorite books to my children.
117. Getting compliments on a skirt I paid 1.00 for at a thrift store!  :-)
116. Choosing and ordering school books for my children!
115. Listening to little boys laugh at the oddest things.
114. Watching my sister-in-law complete her first triathlon under her goal time!
113. Canning peaches with my children knowing they will taste so good in the winter.
112. Getting together with girlfriends and daughters at a cooking show!
111. Going grocery shopping with a friend...without any children!
110. The joy my husband gets from hiking up a mountain and breathing mountain air!
109. Having my children see a double rainbow for the first time.
108. Riding a train in Cripple Creek.
107. Hiking up to 10,000 feet with 8 children.
106. Hummingbirds.
105. The Friesema Family!
104. Feeding chipmunks in a ghost town.
103. Swimming in a hot spring pool.
102. Spending a week in Colorado along with my sister and her family.
101. Seeing the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains.
100. Traveling across the USA with my lovely Family.
99. Waterpark with 8 children!
98. Friendly games of volleyball.
97. Spending time with friends we've known for 16+ years.
96. Celebrating America's birthday!
95. The taste of a new favorite recipe!
94. The amazing gift of Love!
93. Realizing the blessing of having Godly parents.
92. Letting the children play in the rain.
91. Playing a board game with the nieces and nephews.
90. Marking off things on a "to-do" list.
89. The anticipation of a vacation.
88. Fireworks!
87. Tomato Sandwiches.
86. Little nephew smiles.
85. Seeing Moriah enjoy making a craft with 5 "little people" at the library.
84. A scavenger hunt for Steve in celebration of Fathers Day.
83. The thankfulness of my girls after I sewed them each a skirt!
82. Fresh veggies from the garden!
81. Marinated grilled salmon.
80. Seeing a family member get baptized!
79. Celebrating another Fathers Day with my Daddy!
78. When my 2 year old nephew says "an sawa"
77. Tan lines!
76. Hearing my 1st grader read chapter books!
75. BLT's with fresh tomatoes and lettuce.
74. Reading a good book.
73. A daughter who plans and cooks a meal.
72. Going shopping with my children.
71. A husband who helps with house work!
70. Healthy children!!!
69. Watermelon!
68. The fine men and women in uniform who serve my country!
67. The cool creek on a hot day.
66. A Holiday weekend with family.
65. The blessing of HOT WATER!
64. My children completing a new song on the piano.
63. Celebrating my husbands birthday!
62. Mangoes!
61. Getting to hold a new little niece!
60. Strangers praying for a special little boy!
59. Rain when the garden needs it most.
58. Fresh peas from the garden!
57. Isaac's baseball games.
56. The blessing of helping/supporting those you love.
55. Best friend time for Shiloh and Noah.
54. An amazing husband who knows your heart and cares how much it hurts sometimes.
53. Spending the day at the zoo and science museum with 6 amazing little people.
52. The innocence of children.
51. Knowing people are praying when you ask them too.
50. Being married 15 years to my best friend!
49. Technology that lets me see my children while I am away...
48. That sun-kissed feeling....
47. Fresh seafood.
46. Sandpipers!!!
45. Grandparents who love my children and WANT to spend time with them.
44. Time at the beach with my husband!
43. My children singing hymns in church.
42. Flip-Flops!
41. The birth of a new baby!
40. Getting to celebrate the birth of one of my children!!!
39. Sisters-in-law!
38. The good feeling AFTER you're done exercising.
37. The hope and security to KNOW that Jesus lives!
36. Out of town company.
35. A new recipe that everyone likes!
34. My house that I share with my family.
33. When one of the children just come up and give me a hug.
32. A missionary speaking!
31. The chance to be involved in my nephews lives.
30. A freshly planted garden before the weeds show up. :-)
29. The greenness after a storm.
28. A husband who makes supper on a cold rainy Saturday.
27. COFFEE!!!!
26. A good laugh at a private joke
25. Weddings of good friends
24.The chirping of baby chicks
23. Dogwood blossoms
22. A date night with old friends
21. Hearing my children play piano
20. The words "Aunt Sara"
19. When the laundry is all caught up
18. A hug when I need it most.
17. A good sermon that touches my heart
16. Everyday I get to see my Daddy
15. The smell of fresh plowed earth
14. Kefir smoothies
13. Girls Nights
12. Rain days when my Honey is home
11. Fresh Eggs
10. Looking at old pictures
9. Redbuds blooming in the spring
8. Cheesecake
7. Fresh bread made by a friend
6. When my husband comes home safely from work
5. Daffodils
4. Painted toenails
3. Sunny days with big white puffy clouds
2. When a friend stops by unexpectedly
1. My children playing together nicely