Jacob tuned 7 in February. What a fun little guy he is!!! We finally got him allergy tested and he IS allergic to wheat...duh! Plus about 20 other things! =(  He still might out-grow it, but we are doubtful. He had quite a few seasonal allergies as well and take meds everyday now. At the 6 week check-up he grew 1 inch and gained 3 pounds! He is really growing! He just finished his 1st grade year. He is reading VERY well and loves it! He is even reading chapter books now. What a blessing to know that I have taught all my children to read, and they all love it. His worse subject, according to him, was cut-n-paste...yeah, go figure! His favorite thing is still cowboys...he dresses up like one every day! He is such a blessing and makes us laugh every day!

Jacob and Mom on his birthday with gluten-free cupcakes!

Slicked up Jacob!

My little man in his new hat! I LOVE this picture! 


My baby graduated Kindergarten this year. I know people always said that "time flies"...Yes, it does!!! I wouldn't trade a minute with my babies for anything...I can't wait to see what else God is going to do in this year!


Jacob Steven Bailey is the Baby of the Bailey Family. He is my left-handed, fun loving, teasing, eye-rolling little goof-ball! He LOVES cowboys and says his best friend is John Wayne.

He loves Moriah almost as much as he loves me and he can't wait until the weekend rolls around so he can sleep with her somewhere in the house. 
He looks like my brother Bob when he was little. People say he looks like my Dad too!