Shiloh and her friend Noah in Colorado.
  So Shiloh turned 11 in September. For her birthday so decided she wanted to run in a womens 5K in Nashville. So we signed up and started training. Neither one of us could even run 1 mile at the beginning. Slowly we worked up to running/walking the full 3.1 miles. Then we just worked on walking less. The days of the race downed bright but chilly. It was our very first race...EVER! I was nervous and Shiloh was just excited. I would have never guessed that Shiloh would push me on! As we began to run, we pushed out in the front and ran pretty hard to get ahead of the crowd. There were several times I walked and Shiloh would encourage me. "Come on Mom, lets run!" 

So needless to say she got in the "racing spirit"! My little girl came in 1st place at 31.28 in the 10 and under division. The next day she turned 11. So she will be bumped up next year. :)

Shiloh and I are crossing the finish line together!

Shiloh and I together after the race. We are heading HOME...with a long layover at Cracker Barrel.

                         Shiloh wanted a cheesecake. So I made her a Pina Colada cheesecake. She had Judith Anne over for the evening to celebrate.               

Overall I think she had a good weekend. She is growing so fast and becoming such a wonderful young lady. She continues to be a blessing to Steve and I! One more thing...where does time go?!?!?!  


My Shiloh Kathryn has now turned 10! I can't believe my 3rd born child is in double digits! Where did time go??? She got to get her ears pierced when she turned 10 and has been waiting for years! So for her birthday we went to Nashville for the day. Judith Anne Beachy got to go along as well. We went to Wal-Mart first and got her ears pierced 1 st thing! 

After that we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, Kohls, and then out to eat! Shiloh wanted to go to a restaurant where they "cook the food in front of you"...Japanese Steakhouse!!!

Then after that we went and got cupcakes at Gigis!!! 

Shiloh had a good day with her family and her friend! What a blessing she is to us and a wonderful gift from God! 

Shiloh has a hair fetish. She has very fine hair that tangles very easily! I can brush it all out and then she will sneeze and it is tangled again. So it is nice for me that she likes it short. We went to the beauty shop for a hair cut and when Jackie was finished Shiloh looked in the mirror and was so sad. I asked what was the matter and she said she wanted it shorter! So need less to say 15 minutes and 2 more inches off and she was happy! Little Sweetie!


Our 3rd born child, our 2nd daughter, our "middle" child is SHILOH...I don't really know what to say about her. She is one of a kind, God gave us an extra special gift when he gave us her. She would like to be a boy some of the time, and then she likes to dress up all girlie too. She is skinny, dark skinned, and full of energy! She has such a sweet spirit but can also be quite testy at times too. She loves hiking with her Papa, and then sewing with her Mom. She loves to read as well. She has a great personality over all. She wants to be a food critic when she grows up but also wants to go to beautician school. She is full of life, laughs, and good times!!! That is my little Shiloh!!!!