Wow! I have my 3rd child in double digits now! Bethany Sue turned 10 on April 19th. For our girls, that is a big day...they get their ears pierced!  Steve took off work, we loaded up and off to Nashville we went! Jacob had a follow-up Dr. appt. with his allergist, so we went there first. From there we headed to Wal-Mart for the big event of the day!

 She was such a big girl. She didn't cry or complain at all!

Here are my 3 beautiful girls! They are so very different and each wonderful in her own way!

So after the ear piercing we went to EAT! Bethany wanted to eat at a place called Genghis Grill. It is a Mongolian grill, where you fill a bowl FULL of stuff at a buffet like thing. Then you take it to the grill and they grill it for you and add rice or noodles. 

 Here is the grill. 

 Bethany and her Papa!!!

 My 3 other children enjoying the food!

 Me and my little buddy!!!

Our little Sunshine Bethie Sue!

From there we went to Kohls, then Bethany wanted to go to the Science Museum. We are members of the AWESOME one in Nashville so away we went....

 Bethany is making energy by biking.

 Bethany doing the moon walk!

The Shuttle Station!

It was a wonderful day celebrating BETHANY! She is such a sweet part of our lives. On the way home God decided to paint us a picture...

Yes, we are blessed! Blessed with 5 beautiful children, a God who is personal and loves us, and our gifts he provides for us everyday!

Here's to another year!!! 


Well, another year has passed. Bethany is now 9 years old. She just finished here 3rd grade year in school and did very well. Because of her sight issue she had when she was in 1st grade, she got a little behind on her reading. She is doing wonderfully now and has started reading chapter books on her own!!! She is reading American Girl Doll books and loving them. YEY!!!  She also begged and begged and got a hair cut! Her nice long blond hair is now short and very thick! She loves playing outside and thinks Shiloh is her best it should be! She is still the little sunshine, always happy and smiling. 

 Here is Bethany with her hair to be donated to Locks of Love.

 Birthday picture taken at a wedding chapel in Jackson, TN!!!

 She is getting so big and beautiful!!! 

Bethany and her best friend Shiloh!!! Two beautiful girls both outside and inside. Of course, I will admit
that I am bias!


Bethany Susan Bailey...She is our 4th child and our little sunshine!!! She is our blond hair, blue eyed, little sweetie. She was born while we were adding the addition to our house, and she was such a good little baby! She is a fun loving, good natured, sweetheart. She likes to play dolls, but also likes to play outside. She is 8 years old and would like to be a police officer when she grows up! funny girl! She is learning to read pretty well, but like it best when I read to her. He favorite school subject is science. She likes to get help from her sisters!  =)  

Bethany turned 8 in April...she is such a sweet 8 year old! We celebrated by going to the Nashville Zoo. I made her a chocolate cake and she wanted to take it to the pot-luck at church. She is a girl after my own heart...she loves her chocolate!