Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Mawidge is what bwings us togever today...

So, Steve and I, along with 3 other couples attended a marriage conference this past weekend. Let me start at the beginning. A couple months ago we were visiting my cousin in Memphis. While we were there we mentioned a "disagreement" that we had. He suggested a book called "Love and Respect." So we borrowed it, and I started reading it right away. When I had time I decided to look up the ministry. I almost always do this! I would hate to follow the advice of someone, only to find out he has been married 3 times and has 2 children in jail. So he looked honest, been married once, has 3 children and so I finished the book. I also read some articles online. At some point I clicked on "conferences" and low and behold he was coming to Nashville area...in about a month! I was so very excited. It was like God was moving right in my midst, which I know He always does, but I don't always see it. Anyway...
So I contacted my 2 cousins, their wives and my sister..."Lets make a weekend out of it!" So a hotel was booked, registration was made, and let the countdown begin. In the mean time I had finished the book and Steve had started it. The more he read the more he understood, and the more he looked forward to the conference as well.
Okay, so long story short...We all learned an amazing amount...I am actually still processing it all. I laughed (a lot) and I cried, I grimaced (knowing that I had screwed up) and I smiled (with a wink) at Steve knowing he was grimacing as well!  :)  We learned that men NEED respect like we ladies NEED love...especially during conflict. The bottom line though, and what touched my heart the most is that we are COMMANDED to respect our husbands. By whom you ask??? God himself, in his word. Eph. 5:33 says "Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband."  Why would God our creator tell us to reverence our husbands if we did it naturally? We don't, it goes against our nature of who we are. The same thing goes for husbands. God is telling me to reverence Steve, it doesn't however tell me when...so I must assume it is ALL THE TIME. Not just when he treats me well, does what I want him too, I am in a good mood, etc... I reverence Steve because it is what I was told to do. PERIOD! As I reverence Christ my respect will overflow and fall on my husband. This is how God in his infinite wisdom has created us, so who am I to ask why??? If you ever have a chance to go to a conference, I highly recommend it! I will even watch your children while you go! It is life changing, and how Satan is attacking marriage these days, it is worth it! Help us to teach the next generation that enough is enough, we will stand for Christian marriage and NOT let Satan win the battle with the one we love. That commitment is forever, and in the scheme of eternity our little 80-100 years is so insignificant. Here's to a HAPPY MARRIAGE for you too!!!!!!! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our first race...

Let me start at the beginning. Just over a month ago my sister-in-law suggested I run in the women's 5K race in Nashville. I hadn't been running, I don't like running to be honest. Well Shiloh heard about it and that it was the day before her birthday and wanted to run in it. I talked to Steve, and we decided we would go ahead and sign up and start training. 4-5 weeks before our first race we started training. Neither of us had ever run any distance before, let alone 3 miles! So we started out running/walking 1 mile, then 1.5, then 2, etc...After we got the distance down, we started walking less and running more. Pretty soon we got down to 36 minutes, which I was SUPER pleased about! That is 3 12 minute miles...incredible for us I thought! But we had a week to go before our race and so we kept on training. We trained 5 days a week...We both got new shoes during this time too!

So the big day arrived! We got up at 5 in the morning, left by 5:20 and headed to Nashville! Shiloh was so excited! I was nervous! I don't really know why seeing as though I knew I could finish, but I was sick to my stomach! I couldn't believe it! The weather when we arrived was wonderful!!! High 60's and the sun hadn't risen yet. There were just over 600 ladies running in the 5K along with Shiloh, Annapurna, Lori, and I.
Just starting!  
So off we went. We ran the first few blocks and part way up the first hill. We walked some, but not as much as normal. What was totally unplanned was the fact that Shiloh would get her "game on" and want to run more! Several times she said "Come on Mom, Let's Run!" She got the competitive spirit! It was such a good run and a wonderful course! We had our names on our bibs...which was so nice to have people cheer you on by name! We ran 3.1 miles around downtown Nashville in 31.28 seconds...crossing the finish line in under our fastest time was such a wonderful feeling! Can't wait till our next one!  =) 
Here we are sprinting across the finish line!

All 4 of us, with our finishers medals.

Shiloh and Dawna Stone (founder of the race)

Shiloh and Abigail...1st and 2nd place

Shiloh Kathryn Bailey with her awards.

Mommy and Daughter!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A day in the life....

Well I have written in awhile. Seems like times just flies right on by! Between being a mom, wife, teacher, aunt, and EMT my life is so very full! Mommy-hood and Wife-hood are going well. The teacher part of me is going pretty well too, all things considered. I am teaching an 8th, 7th, 6th, 4th, and 2nd grader this year. They all know how to read, which is a HUGE accomplishment for a homeshool mom! The "aunt" in me has been kicked into high gear too. My brother, his wife, and 4 children moved into the area about 1 1/2 years ago and it has been a blast! I get to pick them up from school a couple times a month, we see them on Sundays, we have sleep-overs at Granny and Pops, etc...loving every minute of that! These next couple weeks I have my cousins 2 youngest while they go to Hawaii.(I know, I know, why can't I go to Hawaii and babysit them!?!?! It has crossed my mind but who would school my children?)  They are 11 months and 3. It has been awhile since I have had "little ones" in my house for extended periods of time. It is an adjustment for all of us! Sequoia (the 3 year old) is doing wonderfully and loving the "country time" that my nieces and nephews have come to appreciate. The 11 month old however, is just getting used to having 9 people around the supper table! I still work Wednesdays and my husband, who is as amazing as always, does the school, cleaning, etc...and gives me this day to work "outside of the house." So that is what occupies my time and I am loving every minute of it! LIFE IS GOOD!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jacob's Ear Fiasco...

Well it started out as a normal Wednesday morning at EMS. The medic and I were called out for a "lift assistance" of a older fellow who needed help. After he was safe and taken care of the secretary says to me "Don't worry but Jacob is at the station with a BB stuck in his left ear." WHAT??? He is at the station right now??? Yes, but don't worry everything is fine and the other medic is taking care of it, and your Dad is with him. I say okay, and after a series of other events I finally get back to the station. The medic has tried to suction it out but has not been able to get it. He has already called the ER to see who was on call and talked to the NP (Nurse Practitioner) that was on duty.  She numbed his ear, and said she was going to try one time. She attempted once without success and suggested to take him to Vandy Peds (as we locals call it). So my wonderful Mom loads up Jacob, meets Steve at a gas station and heads to Nashville. Three different Doctors try to get the BB out. None were successful and Jacob was crying and in pain by this time. The BB is getting farther and farther in there. By the time they left the ER the BB was next to his ear drum. They gave him some antibiotic drops so it wouldn't get infected. Thursday morning I get home and call the ENT Dr. and make an appt. for Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm. That same evening the Dr. actually calls my home to verify that I had an appt., check to see if Jacob is in pain, and see if I had any questions. I was AMAZED!!! So Friday morning, Steve and I do some odd and ends around the house. We also get in touch with Steve's sister who happened to be coming to visit. She was on her way and would be here to watch the other 4 children. PRAISE GOD! Then we headed to Nashville about noon. Of course since Jacob was actually being put under he hasn't been able to eat anything since supper on Thursday and only clear liquids Friday morning. Being the kind parents that we are we didn't have the heart to stop and eat anything either! =)
Jacob on his way to Nashville.

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
We arrived at the hospital, registered and waited for about 20 minutes.

Jacob watching Tombstone...his favorite movie
The Rascal Flatts Surgery Center
We were called back to the prep room. While Jacob's vitals were taken, and we verified allergies, etc, the Drs. (ALL 7) came to talk to us, explain the procedure, see if we have questions, etc. They also told Jacob that they wouldn't even put in an IV unless necessary, which he was VERY happy about. So we put his gown on...which he LOVED!
Jacob and Mom before heading back to the surgery.
Then they put the rails up and away they rolled. What a strange, awful, humbling feeling it was to watch my son be wheeled away in the opposite direction of the way in which I was lead. I had complete trust in the Drs, after-all it wasn't a big procedure or anything but I was still very glad I hadn't eaten anything in a while! After about 20 minutes, anesthesia and all, they had the BB out and we were told that he is headed to recovery and the would come get us in a few minutes.
Jacob waking up...
Another 20 minutes and we were able to go back and see the groggy little fellow. They said he did very well and he woke up nicely. They fed him some cherry icee and monitored him for about 10 minutes and said he could go home!
Per his request they wheeled him all the way out of the hospital. But once we got to the waiting room there was our friend, Rob Bailey waiting to give Jacob a hug and a goodie bag! What a blessing his friendship is to us and our children. The love we share for Christ bonds us eternally!
So with relieved parents he headed home and stopped by McDonald's to grab a bite to eat. All went amazingly well. I hope to NEVER have to go through anything like this again, but if I do it will be at Vanderbilt once again!
Here is Jacob on the hour long ride home, coloring in his new coloring book and feeling better all the time. He was never in any pain since he woke up and even now never complains at all.

We arrived home to the other children, Steve's sister and niece. Jacob was SO happy to see Crystal...I think it made his day so much better!

So, that is the story of the BB in Jacob's ear....How did it get in there you ask??? He stuck it in there by accident...that is his story and he is sticking to it!

Thankful that even minor mishaps turn out fine.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Family Vacation...

This year our vacation consisted of visiting friends in 3 different states. We started out heading to Texas. We have friends there we have known for 16+ years. It was very hot and dry there. One day we saw 113 degrees on a bank sign! We celebrated 4th of July with them but it was so dry we couldn't have any fireworks! We enjoyed our time with the Mullens very much. We also took the children to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor while we were there. They loved that!
We all gathered around the flag pole, sang, prayed, and thanked God for allowing us to live in this fine Country. It was a great experience.
Here is the patriotic Bailey Family celebrating America's 235 Birthday! From there we headed to Kansas to visit more friends, the Belchers! Steve went to collage with Tim, so they have known each other awhile!  =) In a near by town they have an awesome city park. They have a carousel for a nickel! That is .5 cents people! Steve had never been on one before...so we rode twice!

They also live on a farm so we got to help them work their cattle. They needed shots, wormed and tagged. It was a fun experience even though the children gave up on like the 5th cow! Steve and I stuck through till the end!
This was before we started working them. They would just come right over to you! I guess once they know you are going to poke holes in their ears they aren't so ready to come right over!
Helping out...
Cowboy Jake. He was out there almost the entire time! He enjoyed watching, but this mommy wouldn't let him get to close.
From Kansas we headed to COLORADO! Our final destination and where we would spend the remaining week. After the HOT weather in Texas and Kansas, Colorado was beautiful! It was about 70-80 in the day and about 50 at night.
Beside just rest, we did a lot in Colorado. My sister and her family met us out there! Here is a list of stuff we did...
Climbed at Red Rocks

Saw Elk

 Striped Logs

Helping Steve...

Build a Deck on the Dance Hall

Rode a train in Cripple Creek

Climbed a Mountain

Fed Chipmunks

Rode Horses

Visited Friends and MADE MEMORIES...

 Last but not least, we had a safe and uneventful trip home. It was a wonderful time of visiting, resting, playing, bonding, and vacationing!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

About Me....

Here are some facts you may or may not know about me...I thought I would share! Another great idea from Ann-Marie Friesema!  ;-) 

I always wanted to be a mommy and wife, that was my lifelong dream of 18 years!

I love camping.

I lived in tents then buses for several years. We cooked on a campfire, then bought a wood cookstove. Our income was 20.00 a week....we were POOR!

My favorite color is pink, no purple, well maybe blue...okay, I don't have a favorite color.

I am confident in who I am, which I am finding to be a rare thing.

My pet peeve is disrespectful children. And disrespectful adults!

I love big white fluffy clouds and coffee...

I was born in Nebraska.

My husband is my best friend, followed closely by my sister and mom.

I love to cook and sew and read....

My husband is 16 years older than myself...and is still in amazing shape and quite good-looking! 

I birthed 5 children at home, in 6 years, and had my last one when I was 26!

I love country music!

I love to travel...with my whole family!

I am constantly in need of patience.

I hate exercise...it is pure self-discipline that drives me.

For some reason I have always wanted a tatoo.

I abhor snakes...all kinds, colors, and sizes. It is rare if I even let fake rubber ones in my house.

If you feel so inclined, share a few things about YOU that I might not know. If you
have any questions...feel free to ask!  :-) 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Morning...

When Steve and I were first married over 15 years ago, I would get up with him every morning. I would make breakfast for him, and his brother who lived by us. Well time passes and in just a few short years 5 children were born. When they were little and still breast feeding I would always see Steve in the morning before he went to work. Since I was a scheduled feeder they would be up at 6 to nurse. I would then get to say good-bye to Steve and get my "morning kiss" that I loved so much. Well soon babies turned into toddlers, toddlers into school-age persons and I don't get up in the morning anymore. I am NOT a morning person. I love laying in bed for 10-15 minutes before rolling out, going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth. On the rare occation that I do get up with Steve it is more of a "watch him eat breakfast, read the Bible, and head out the door" kind of thing. I have mentioned several times that I love it when he comes up to tell me bye and give me a kiss. I have NOT however nagged him at all! I know times flies for him in the morning too and he shoots out the door at 6:18 am! So needless to say when I felt someone tap me this morning and I rolled over (looking my best I am sure! *sarcasm*) and saw Steve there my heart just melted! "Have a good day Honey, Love you" *Kiss* As I was laying there listening to his Jeep pull away I was thinking that it is amazing to me that even after 15 years I still feel giddy with a "good morning kiss" I hope others are this blessed!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer is here....

Well maybe not actually SUMMER, but vacation! We have just finished our 7th year of homeschooling. I can't believe it! You know, I am convinced that homeschooling is not for sissy's, or undisciplined, or weak..it is hard work! It is an everyday job, that you don't get "paid" for. It is 4-6 hours, 5 days a week, for 160-180 days a year! Do I love homeschooling??? Some days. Some days it is hard and like pulling teeth! Do I think I am doing what is best for my family??? Absolutely! Wouldn't have it any other way! People ask "Do you take a summer break?" My answer, "YES! Mommy needs a break!" So now that text-book schooling is over for a few months, I wonder what will I do with my time?!?! Sew, Read, Clean, Swim and Teach! Children are always learning and wanting to learn! So I guess technically I do "school" all year, but from May through mid-August we don't open a text book! =)  I just enjoy my children, and teach them the love of learning and the many aspects of doing so! I think I will go have a cup of coffee now...oh wait, I think I will have one of my children make it since they LOVE making my cup of coffee!!!

 A typical evening sight here at the Bailey house!

 Shiloh is making a facial mask

 Shiloh and Jacob with the mask on...it kept sliding off so they laid on the floor!

 Moriah and Bethany...2 more brave persons!  =)  

All 5 of my beautiful children!!! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Chicks...

 This spring we are in our "baby chick phase of life". Let me start by saying we already have 11 chickens. 10 hens and 1 rooster.  We ordered about 6 baby chicks when a friend was wanting to order some. The minimum you have to order is 25 for the safety of the chicks. In the mean time, Steve borrowed an incubator from a friend. He wanted to try to incubate our own eggs. We were doubtful, and I even told the children several times that they probably won't hatch. The temp. has to stay between 99-101 degrees. They need humidity and to be turned 2-3 times a day. We did our best, and low and behold 21 days later they started hatching!!! I couldn't believe it!

Here we are with 19 eggs. The "o"s on them let us know which side we put up. There are "x"s on the other side.

 Here is a little crack where the chick is trying to poke it's way out. It takes about 15 minutes to an hour from this point for the little thing to fully emerge.

 Here they are hatching. Funny looking little things! They actually have an "umbilical" cord! There is a thing that attaches to the shell that the chicks get nutrients from. Crazy!

 Here they are as they are starting to dry. They look cuter when they aren't so wet and newborn!

They are sitting under a heat lamp, finishing the drying process. Then they went down to the shop buy the others.

Out of 19 eggs, 15 hatched and are doing real well. We actually had one die last night, so we are down to 20 now.

We know that some will be roosters and end up in the freezer, but we are so excited to be able to hatch our own chicks now!!!

Come on by and see them sometime!!!  And in about 20 weeks we will have more eggs than we know what to do with!