Monday, February 13, 2012


I am going to post on running...again! I know, I know, if you follow me on Facebook you must think that all my posts are about running, which is mostly true. I do lots of other things besides run...I cook, I school the children, I clean, do laundry, read, visit with friends, work 1 day a week, etc. But none-the-less, I want to share something with you....

As a teen-ager I was "in shape". We walked a lot, played volleyball a lot, I worked construction, I wasn't necessarily fat, or out of shape but I hated cardio. I despised running, swimming hard, 2 on 2 volleyball, etc...anything that caused my heart and lungs to overwork. Steve on the other hand is a runner. He ran all through high-school, competitively and for fun. At some point he even ran a 4.30 minute mile...crazy man! He ran before we were married, so then afterwards he ran as well. I tried running with him for a couple the winter, it was horrible. It just confirmed that I was not a runner at all. Hated it actually...with a passion.  :)  Steve continued off and on through out 15+ years together.

6 months ago, my daughter Shiloh wanted to run in the Woman's Half Marathon 5K in Nashville for her birthday. You know that story. (if not, you can read my blog about that) And after 6 months I am still running. I wanted to write to encourage you, if you haven't run, if you hate running, or you're just a beginner, that you CAN run. In 6 shorts months I have worked up to running 7 miles, and after only running 8 months I plan on running my 1st 1/2 marathon. I can't believe it! Sometimes when I am out there running I can't believe it is even is like 2 different people. I am the same person I was 6 months ago, but I am different too. For someone who hated running, to actually be out there enjoying it is amazing to me.

Because of our schedules Steve and I don't run together very often. He likes running early in the morning before work, in the dark. I usually wait until afternoon. But even though we don't run together it is a bond we share, and I am really enjoying that. Last Sunday was my "distance" day...I had to run at least 6 miles. So I mapped it out, it was warmer so Steve and I ran together. We ran 6.6 miles in 1:06 together...once in awhile he would get pretty far ahead of me, because I have to slow down going up hills and he doesn't, but he would then circle back and run with me. So, he probably ran closer to 7 miles that day. It was nice...very nice. As we were coming down the home stretch Steve said "I can't believe you are out here running for an hour at a time, I am proud of you." That made my sore legs worth it!  :)

Here is my story...You too can do it!!! I would GLADLY run with any of you, slow, fast, long, or is nice to run with someone. I am still learning too. I am reading a great book called ChiRunning...very informative, a MUST read for any stage of runner, and I am also learning to pace myself. I tended to run too fast, then I couldn't compensate and I would have to walk. Now, I can run 4 miles without walking at all.

Hope this encouraged you, or at least entertained you!  :)