Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sara's Blog for the day.....

This week we are experiencing near 70 degree weather!!! After we had 2 degrees last week this is WONDERFUL!!!! When we have lovely spring time weather in Feb. I am again reminded why we live in this beautiful state of Tennessee!!! Yesterday while I was at work someone asked me where I live. I answered that I live in Lobelville...They proceeded to say "I'm sorry" and I then said I'M NOT!!!! I told them we live there by choice! We have lived other places and DECIDED to raise our family here! I love the creeks, the hills, the snow, and the 70 degree weather in Feb! I love that my 13 year old daughter can go to a study on how to be a better wife someday with ladies I trust. I love that my husband can go to work with men that are wholesome and uplifting. I love that my children can go outside and play for hours and I don't worry about them. I love that I live about 4 miles from my children's grandparents who are an important part of their life. I love that I live where I can home-school my children and others do so as well....That is all I have to say about that!   :-)

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