Saturday, April 2, 2011


I never thought anything other than I would breastfeed. I never had problems with it and the babies all did well taking to it. I can't complain about anything! I loved every minute of it and I miss it more than anything else about babyhood! I think it is the BEST thing for baby and Mommy! Did you know you burn up to 600 calories a day breastfeeding full time??? That is huge! Not to mention the benefits that have to do with lowing your chance of cancer. I am a full supporter of breastfeeding!!!
Having said that I think it is inappropriate to have a baby doll that sucks on the breast (they don't even have them yet) of a 5 year old! I think it is odd to have note cards with babies nursing on them. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc...really??? Come on!  I was never ridiculed, made fun of, told to leave a place, (I even breast fed right in the middle of Neiman Marcus in downtown Chicago) or made to feel uncomfortable. I never breast fed in the bathroom either! I would go to the shoe dept. (they have benches) or a sitting area (most malls and shopping centers have them) and just do my business. No big deal!!! I  honestly don't see the push to make breastfeeding illegal or wrong. Most M.D's still suggest it as the best choice for most people.
That is my 2 cents! If you have had a bad experience I am sorry...I had a wonderful experience with all 5 of mine, wouldn't trade it for a second but I also will not be getting a baby doll that breast feeds to my daughters. They can just wait until they have their own babies (and boobs for that matter) and then I will be their biggest fan!  =)

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