Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Family Vacation...

This year our vacation consisted of visiting friends in 3 different states. We started out heading to Texas. We have friends there we have known for 16+ years. It was very hot and dry there. One day we saw 113 degrees on a bank sign! We celebrated 4th of July with them but it was so dry we couldn't have any fireworks! We enjoyed our time with the Mullens very much. We also took the children to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor while we were there. They loved that!
We all gathered around the flag pole, sang, prayed, and thanked God for allowing us to live in this fine Country. It was a great experience.
Here is the patriotic Bailey Family celebrating America's 235 Birthday! From there we headed to Kansas to visit more friends, the Belchers! Steve went to collage with Tim, so they have known each other awhile!  =) In a near by town they have an awesome city park. They have a carousel for a nickel! That is .5 cents people! Steve had never been on one before...so we rode twice!

They also live on a farm so we got to help them work their cattle. They needed shots, wormed and tagged. It was a fun experience even though the children gave up on like the 5th cow! Steve and I stuck through till the end!
This was before we started working them. They would just come right over to you! I guess once they know you are going to poke holes in their ears they aren't so ready to come right over!
Helping out...
Cowboy Jake. He was out there almost the entire time! He enjoyed watching, but this mommy wouldn't let him get to close.
From Kansas we headed to COLORADO! Our final destination and where we would spend the remaining week. After the HOT weather in Texas and Kansas, Colorado was beautiful! It was about 70-80 in the day and about 50 at night.
Beside just rest, we did a lot in Colorado. My sister and her family met us out there! Here is a list of stuff we did...
Climbed at Red Rocks

Saw Elk

 Striped Logs

Helping Steve...

Build a Deck on the Dance Hall

Rode a train in Cripple Creek

Climbed a Mountain

Fed Chipmunks

Rode Horses

Visited Friends and MADE MEMORIES...

 Last but not least, we had a safe and uneventful trip home. It was a wonderful time of visiting, resting, playing, bonding, and vacationing!!!

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