Monday, June 18, 2012


So today was shopping day. Moriah needed a couple pairs of shorts, Isaac needed jeans and shoes, and WE needed groceries! So to Nashville we went! We went to Trader Joe's first, unfortunately since it was our 1st stop, we couldn't get any perishable items. But we got some other things, including our favorite coffee! If you haven't been to this store, and you live close to one...GO! It is worth it. From there we headed to Franklin w/ a stop in Hobby Lobby to get fabric for 2 girls and 2 boys bags, just to have on hand!  :)  Then Goodwill. Moriah and Isaac don't like Goodwill, they don't like digging through their sizes, etc...Shiloh, Bethany, and I love it. We walked out of there with 3 pairs of pants for Jacob, 2 skirts for Moriah (long denim ones) 1 pair of Levi's for Isaac, a skirt for Shiloh, and a book, all for $23.00. Kohls was next...we ALL love Kohls! So armed with my 20% off EVERYTHING coupon and an additional 5.00 off your total we went shopping...Moriah got a cute long skirt with a matching shirt for an upcoming wedding, Isaac got 2 pair of Levi's for 9.60 a pair...brand new people, plus 20% off! I got a neon running jacket for fall for 20.00, plus some other odds and ends. The only thing we couldn't find is shoes for Isaac. He is in a strange place between boys and men's sizes and styles. Sam's Club then Kroger were next. 400.00 later we are home from a successful day in Nashville. All is quiet b/c the children are at VBS, and Steve is at a meeting, everything is put away, BLT makings are on the counter, and the washing machine is running. It was a good Monday!

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